December 11, 2005

Even Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates has used Firefox

Bill Gates is one of the people with Firefox on his computer, so I asked him for his opinion.

"I played around with it a bit, but it's just another browser, and IE [Microsoft's Internet Explorer] is better," Mr Gates told me, and challenged my assertion that Firefox's 'market share' is growing rapidly.

"So much software gets downloaded all the time, but do people actually use it?" he argued.

By November 2005, Firefox had around 9.4% of global market share, and 10% for North America. Europe

Source: BBC NEWS

December 01, 2005

Google Interview Questions.

Collected from somewhere, blog of someone. Sorry I didn't remember :D
Google's profit increased seven-fold. Do you want to work there? Well here are 2 questions that they asked a friend of mine. What would you answer?

1. You have been shrunk down to the size of a nickel and tossed into a blender. You are told that the blender blades will start in 60 seconds.What would you do to save your life?

2. Design and describe a system/application that will most efficiently produce a report of the top 1 million Google search requests.These are the particulars.

* You are given 12 servers to work with. They are all dual-processor machines with 4Gb of RAM, 4x400GB hard drives and networked together.(Basically, nothing more than high-end PC's)

* The log data has already been cleaned for you. It consists of 100 Billion log lines, broken down into 12 320 GB files of 40-byte search terms per line.

* You can use only custom written applications or available free open-source software.

I don't know the answer either.